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On Tuesday, Untapped Cities and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) brought readers to the second installment of the Behind the Scenes NYC Tour Series, into the raw spaces and the roof of the Brooklyn Army Terminal. The tour was led by Dean Bodnar, Vice President of NYCEDC in charge of the Brooklyn Army Terminal. The impressive 4 million square foot complex was designed at the end of World War I by Cass Gilbert, architect behind the Woolworth Building, U.S. Customs House and more.

Though it was decommissioned in 1964, the Brooklyn Army Terminal had ample activity to garner many fun facts and secrets, even as it has undergone a multi-decade renovation and reactivation under the leadership of the NYCEDC. Here are 10 secrets and fun facts about the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park that we learned on the tour.

10. Guard Towers on the Roof Were Manned During WWII

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The guard towers on the roof of building A were manned during WWII. Today, the abandoned structures are filled with pigeon carcasses and old newspapers.

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