9. A Post Office and Bowling Alley Once Existed Inside

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Untapped Cities Tour-NYCEDC-Atrium-Roof-Annex-NYC-015

Though it is a widely spread myth that soldiers were actually housed at Brooklyn Army Terminal, there was once a major mail station inside for everything going overseas. The most famous soldier to go through BAT was Elvis, who also gave press conferences on Pier 4 before embarking on his ship.

There was also a bowling alley, restaurant, and other amenities in Building A. The post office also used the Brooklyn Army Terminal for a period of time in the 1970s after a fire in the Chelsea Post Office. Continuing the tradition of amenities for workers, today there’s a day care center in Building A.

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Untapped Cities Tour-NYCEDC-Atrium-Roof-Annex-NYC