New York City’s billionaire’s row continues its on-going quest for taller and skinnier with the latest rendering from New York YIMBY of the Nordstrom tower, which will be the tallest residential building in the world. As YIMBY reports, it would be the fifth tallest building in the world if built today and its roof will be taller than that of One World Trade Center, which garners quite a lot of height from its controversial spire. And as Curbed NY reports, “the penthouse will have the highest outdoor space in the city.” Note how small One57 looks in comparison.

As we reported in our previous article “What’s Going Up and At Risk on 57th Street,” the residential tower will sit over a Nordstrom department store: “The proposal includes 233 residential units and just over 82,000 sf of “community facility,” although what specifically that will be, or how it will serve said community, is unclear.” Since then, the estimated height of the tower has grown 275 feet.

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