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Mariner’s March on Staten Island is a place even the NYC Parks Department describes on their sign as “eerie.” Located just next to the New York Container Park, the forsaken and abandoned landscape was once the bustling Milliken Brother’s Structural Iron Works and later a shipyard that produced war ships.

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Like other post-industrial landscapes taken over by nature, the shipyard’s 10 man-made basins have become freshwater ponds. Adding to its elusiveness, though it’s operated by the parks department since its acquisition in 1997, it’s been “closed to the public during environmental investigation,” since 2006. Recently, Abandoned NYC went exploring in the area which he describes as having “well-defined trails,” despite the closure.

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As the photos from Abandoned NYC show, abandoned cars, crumbling piers, former industrial elements, and discarded boat hulls, form a perfect scene for murder, which indeed took place there in 1976. Read more about the sordid crime on Abandoned NYC.

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Next, take a visit inside the abandoned Seaview Hospital on Staten Island and the Staten Island Farm Colony.