Paris has really been pushing the envelope of mobile services (come on New York!). The latest is a mobile barbershop from the startup Big Moustache, retrofitted from a three-wheeled, rickshaw bicycle. Here’s a list of more clever ones we’ve seen recently, that go beyond the now-expected food truck trend.

5. Clasiko Tuk-Tuk, Food Truck

Food Tuk Tuk-Truck-Paris-Clasiko

Clasiko is an Argentinian food truck run out of a tuk-tuk, hearkening back to the days of 1950s Buenos Aires. Clasiko serves gourmet empanadas and homemade helados.

4. Crepe Bicycle

We just started seeing these crepes bicycles appear in the past year, but we’re wondering why they weren’t around sooner. What could be more French than bicycles and crepes?

3. The Traveling Barber from Big Moustache

Big Moustache-Traveling Barber-Ambulant-Rickshaw-Bicycle-NYC

Big Moustache is the first razor blade delivery service in France (think Harry’s or Dollar Shave Club in the United States, but with more French panache). Just recently, they started bringing around a barber ambulant or a traveling barber. The barber seat is retrofitted into a three-wheeled rickshaw bicycle and has been appearing around Paris, and hopefully traveling through France if their Kickstarter-like fundraiser is successful. The first time the Traveling Barber showed up in Paris was at the Festival Terroir Electronique, and this week, it’s at the Foire de Paris, a festival at the Porte de Versailles.

Big Moustache-Traveling Barber-Ambulant-Rickshaw-Bicycle-NYC-001

Check out the Big Moustache products and services you can get from donating to their fundraiser.

2. Le Tricycle, Vegetarian Hot Dogs

Le Tricycle serves up vegetarian hot dogs, with fun names lik Snoop Dogg and  Le Dogtor. A free-standing store is coming soon.

1. Eat the Road, an Airstream Food Truck

Airstreams are all the rage and Eat the Road, with a Texan license plate has been hitting the streets of Paris serving American fare like burgers and hot dogs since 2013, mixing local products with typical American condiments (hard to get in Paris) like classic yellow mustard, and sodas.

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