One of the buildings New Yorkers have been most fascinated by is 5 Beekman Place in downtown Manhattan. We previously showed readers the interior, an impressive, crumbling atrium that hosted special events and photo shoots until the space began renovation into a hotel and apartment. Yesterday, Architect’s Newspaper posted a video of the construction going on inside.

As Randy Gerner of the firm Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel Architects (GKV) says in the video, preservationists are re-earthing the original polychrome design of the interior, which include restoring the colors to what they would have been like, recreating moldings like the awesomely named “dragon brackets,” and glass. The team also believed that the modern infrastructure should be kept out of the original building, and luckily had the opportunity to put them in the adjacent apartment building that’s going up. In the video, Gerner also takes viewers up to the roof of the building to see the Queen Anne towers.

See more photographs of the interior of 5 Beekman Place before the renovation.