1-Brooklyn Bridge-Miniature Model-Sidewalk-Trees-Cobble Hill-Boerum Hill-Brooklyn-Park Slope-Untapped Cities-Nasha Virata

A wooden miniature Brooklyn Bridge is an unexpected addition to a Cobble Hill sidewalk, showing us once again that New York street art comes in all shapes and sizes. Built out of wood, wire and some nails, the replica has, as far as we can tell, a mysterious origin.

Both our own digging and the research by Plate and Pencil come up trumps for any official explanation. But we agree that sometimes, a little mystery never hurt. Our props to the architecturally minded resident who likely spruced up this little corner with bridge and New York skyline. If you know anything more about who created the bridge, let us know!

You can find the bridge on Clinton Street, between Warren Street and Verandah Place.

View-Brooklyn-Bridge-DIY-Cobble-Hill-New York-DIY-Untapped Cities-Nasha Virata

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