The row of seven Victorian townhouses facing the east side of San Francisco’s Alamo Square, variously known as Postcard Row and The Painted Ladies, draws thousands of visitors each year to snap iconic photos, but rather than engaging in hit and run tourism, the area’s other architectural treasures and the park itself are also deserving of a look.

Alamo Square, a City park which lies at the summit of a hill west of downtown San Francisco, provides sweeping views of the beautifully ornate houses of Postcard Row with the City’s skyline in the background.

Postcard Row, 710-722 Steiner Street

 The City-designated Alamo Square Historic District, which encompasses the eponymous park and all or parts of 18 surrounding blocks, contains approximately 280 buildings, mostly residential structures dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Besides the seven houses of Postcard Row, here are seven more picturesque sites in the historic district deserving of attention.

7. The Painted Ladies of Scott Street

705 to 711 Scott Street

While the term Painted Ladies is strongly associated with Postcard Row, it applies to any row of townhouses painted in multiple colors that highlight architectural details and collectively form an eye-catching palette. Along Scott Street another set of Painted Ladies face the west side of Alamo Square. Although their more famous sisters are thinner and more finely detailed, the Scott Street Painted Ladies consist of wider and, arguably, grander houses.

711 to 717 Scott Street