2. The Other Apartment Buildings of Alamo Square

575 Pierce Street

There are several other notable apartment buildings besides 700 Steiner Street in the Alamo Square Historic District. They were developed later than most of the townhouses, generally between 1912 and 1934. This reflects a trend evident in many American cities in those years, as living in large single floor apartments in buildings with elevators and other amenities became the housing of choice for many wealthy city residents.

990 Fulton Street

Notable Alamo Square apartment buildings include 575 Pierce Street, 990 Fulton Street, and 625 Scott Street.

625 Scott Street

1. Alamo Square

Finally, do not overlook the area’s namesake. Alamo Square is a 12.7-acre park that functions as both scenic lookout and neighborhood green. It is landscaped with lawns, paths, playground, trees, and other vegetation.

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