Amar Stewart-Untapped Cities-Sweet Science-Art-Painting-Ex Post Facto-Williamsburg-NYCThe Watchers by Amar Stewart

Amar Stewart, the British artist now residing in Brooklyn, whom we profiled last April, has a new solo exhibit, “Ex Post Facto.” In the United States, “ex post facto” laws, which change the legal status of any kind of action, are prohibited. In the United Kingdom, though, these kinds of laws are common, as parliament (unlike, say, Congress) can change laws as they will. Stewart, who has lived in both countries, perhaps knows of this contradiction between these two governments. It fits along with his style of mixing 21st century urban artists from the West, with the style of 17th century British royalty.

Amart Stewart-Marvin Gaye-Untapped Cities-NYC-Sweet Science-WilliamsburgAmar Stewart 

His first solo show, Hip Hop Royalty, took place while he was the artist in residence at the Cotton Candy Machine in Williamsburg last year. There, we marveled at the steady hand and skill Stewart showed while painting the likes of Action Bronson, The Notorious B.I.G and Mary J. Blige. For his second solo exhibit, Stewart still shows the remarkable patience that comes with painting a canvas in the style he chooses to express his creativity. Rap legends like Biggie, Snoop Dogg and Raekwon are shown, but Stewart is also expanding to include other legendary Urban musicians such as Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye in royal attire. It makes us want to view his Spotify playlists just as much as we want to see his paintings.

Amar Stewart-Untapped Cities-Art-Sweet Science-Williamsburg

This exhibit is a partnership between Stewart and Sweet Science, a bar/restaurant in East Williamsburg. The restaurant is celebrating its second anniversary and they have put up Stewarts’ works around their space, where those who missed out on the opening can come see them in person until June 11th.

All photos courtesy of Amar Stewart and Sweet Science.

The author of this piece fancies himself a British lord — he just needs the outfit for it. To help him find one, contact the author @ChrisLInoa