7. Brooklyn College

Photo: Barry Wetcher/Netflix

When Foggy learns of Matt’s identity as “The Man in The Mask,” their duo’s friendship is tested. The episode “Nelson vs Murdock” shows the history of the two “Avocados at Law”, before Matt was beating on every thug in Hell’s Kitchen and before Foggy realized that punjabi was a class he should never had taken.

The scene where the two friends and residents of Hell’s Kitchen have a drunken heart-to-heart was shot in Brooklyn College in Flatbush, right outside the Laguardia Hall Library. The college in known for its campus, which was awarded the most beautiful by The Princeton Review in 2003. Its alumni include actor Michael Rappaport, CNN anchor Don Lemon and DC Comics Co-publisher Dan Didio.

8. Wilson Fisk’s Residence

For most of the series, we don’t know where Wilson Fisk lives. In episode 8 “Shadows in The Glass” we are given (in a style that reminded us of American Psycho) access to Fisk’s luxurious apartment. A few episodes later, do we get the establishing shot of the building, called The Yves, which is on 7th Avenue and 18th Street, in Chelsea.

While we can’t be certain that the interior shots of Fisk making himself breakfast every morning are inside the building. However, looking at these photos of one of the larger condos, it could be speculated that they did. The apartment, along with the building, goes along with Fisk’s character. The crime boss is used here as a symbol of gentrification. We know how that sounds, especially when mentioning the G-word. However the subtext is there, in the actions and conversations Fisk has with his partners.