9. Josie’s Bar

Photo: Barry Wetcher/Netflix

The favorite Hell’s Kitchen watering hole for Murdock and Nelson. The bar, run by the eponymous Josie is shown many times throughout this series, for drinks of celebration and mourning. It is here where Foggy and Karen Page “drink the eel” and like most places in Daredevil, is actually in Brooklyn.

The bar is actually the Turkey’s Nest, a dive bar in Williamsburg just off McCarren Park. For 35 years, the people at the Turkey’s Nest have been serving beer and $7 margaritas on 94 Bedford Park (and booze to go in styrofoam cups). It’s a place that doesn’t fit into what people normally think when they think Williamsburg and that is one of the better reasons why the bar has such a good reputation among bar hoppers.