Twitter can now tell you how The Empire State Building is honoring everything from the 4th of July to the NBA playoffs. Well not twitter, but a tweetbot. ESBcolor tweets what colors the Empire State Building will be and for what reason. Created by data scientist Sam Swift, it tells anyone who follows the account what colors one of the most iconic buildings in the world, will be, and for what occasion it is giving attention to.  Most of us know that the building uses red and green lights for Christmas, orange lights for Halloween, and green lights for Earth Day. However, did you know that this past Super Bowl Sunday, the Empire State Building lights were made to look like a virtual scoreboard? Or that recently they were lit in green and white to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Huffington Post? Sure, you can check on the official website, but it’s much easier to just follow @ESBcolor, so the next time the building lights up to celebrate a sports event, American holiday or institution, you will get the heads up on twitter, where we get all our news nowadays.

We also have a listing of Ten Secrets of The Empire State Building, and how the lights for each holiday and celebration are determined.

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