NYC US Parking Tickets by State-Fun Maps-2

I Quant NY has a new map, as quirky as always, looking at the distribution of parking tickets in New York City by state. Using the city’s Open Data, he uncovered that parking tickets are charged to residents in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, Mexico and eleven out of thirteen Canadian provinces and territories. Not surprisingly, New York state ranks #1 in terms of total fines, but you might not know that it accounts for over half a billion dollars. Following New York is New Jersey, Pennsylvania and then Connecticut. Ben Wellington, of I Quant NY, also notes that Canada contributes a little under a million dollars year.

The state with the least offenses, dollar-wise was Wyoming. But to make the playing field more equal, discounting population size, Wellington also made a map of fines, per-capita by state:

Wellington concludes: “So we learned what we already knew as New Yorkers.  There is no hiding from parking tickets here.  From California to the New York Island,  from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters.  This land is made for you and me and getting tickets in New York City.”

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