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The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) carries 525 million people a year and 1.6 million people on a typical weekday, meaning that more than half of Toronto’s 2.8 million people use public transit to navigate the city during the week. Contrast that to the 1.75 billion passengers served per year in New York City and you get the picture, but Toronto Transit Commission subway stops have a rich history and incorporate elements from several periods of design. Today we’ll be looking at the unique design of the system’s stations, similar to what we did with New York City and Montreal.

1. Yorkdale Station

Commuters-Isolation-Transit-Toronto-Untapped Cities-Glenn Pritchard30Arc en Ciel. Photo by Joe Clark via Flickr.

Yorkdale station, which connects via skywalk to Toronto’s largest mall, the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, once featured Michael Hayden’s Arc en Ciel light installation that was subsequently dismantled in the 90s although the developer of the mall’s recent expansion promises to bring the Hayden installation back.

Commuters-Isolation-Transit-Toronto-Untapped Cities-Glenn Pritchard29Photo by Ben Rofffelson

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