A few days after the epic announcement that the elusive 190 Bowery would open for the art show FIRST SHOW / LAST SHOW, the opening was abruptly cancelled (presumably to keep out the crowds, which showed up anyway, but others believe it was all to drum up hype). Nonetheless, the show was accommodating visitors by appointment and artnet snuck some photos inside the exhibition during the first weekend.

FIRST SHOW / LAST SHOW takes place in the entrance lobby of the former Germania Bank and what appears to be the basement level. It’s clear from the photographs the space is in good condition, with original architectural details intact, including tiled and wooden floors, stained glass windows, wooden door and window frames, marble columns and ceiling moldings.

Do you have photos from the exhibition? Share with us by hashtagging #untappedcities. Read more about the history of 190 Bowery, formerly Germania Bank, that’s been closed to the public since 1966.

 190 Bowery

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