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In Long Island Sound, not far from the Bronx highlights like City Island and Hart Island, is one of the most unique bed and breakfasts in the New York City area. The hauntingly named Execution Rocks Lighthouse dates from 1849 has three bedrooms that go for $300 a night, all going to the non-profit that is maintaining the lighthouse. If that seems too steep, we’ll be offering a daytime exploration of the island on June 13th (tickets below) in support of the lighthouse renovation.

According to popular lore (and still claimed by the Travel Channel), Execution Rocks was named because of the executions that took place there under the British authorities before the American Revolution, who chained prisoners to the rocks at low tide to be drowned. There is no historical evidence that this is true, though a serial killer claimed to have done some of his macabre deeds near the island in 1920. The official history of the island’s naming refers to the dangerous passage for ships around the rocks at low tide.

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On June 13th, Untapped Cities will be hosting a tour of the Execution Rocks Lighthouse with our partners the New York Adventure Club. We will be taking a boat from the Port Washington Dock and getting an adventurous historic tour of the lighthouse, including the keeper’s quarters. Join us for this exciting Saturday exploration out of the city with fellow urban enthusiasts, while also supporting the lighthouse’s restoration project.

*Snacks will be provided. Tour includes boat ride fare but does not include transportation to Port Washington.