See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

Last October, New York City’s tourism agency, NYC & Co. released a series of vividly colored posters and neighborhood guides by artist Remko Heemskerk highlighting areas like Long Island City, “Where Art Goes for Fresh Air,” Harlem, “It’s What’s Up,” St. George Stsaten Island, “Sail away from it all,” and Dumbo, “Manhattan Looks Better From Here. Following the success of the campaign, the agency has featured 10 more neighborhoods, some which are “untapped” in their own right. Here are the posters from the recent reveal, with the “punny” tips for each neighborhood taken from the NYCGO website (some links swapped with Untapped Cities articles on the topic):

10. The South Bronx, “Uptown all the way”

South Bronx-Uptown All the Way-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“5 things that make the South Bronx awesome,” from NYCGO website:

  1. Get your art served on a trolley.
  2. Stroll down New York City’s answer to the Champs-Élysées (really!).
  3. Learn the difference between bachata and boogaloo.
  4. Discover a good reason to visit the post office.
  5. Have Kurtis Blow show you around the Boogie Down.

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