See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

Last October, New York City’s tourism agency, NYC & Co. released a series of vividly colored posters and neighborhood guides by artist Remko Heemskerk highlighting areas like Long Island City, “Where Art Goes for Fresh Air,” Harlem, “It’s What’s Up,” St. George Stsaten Island, “Sail away from it all,” and Dumbo, “Manhattan Looks Better From Here. Following the success of the campaign, the agency has featured 10 more neighborhoods, some which are “untapped” in their own right. Here are the posters from the recent reveal, with the “punny” tips for each neighborhood taken from the NYCGO website (some links swapped with Untapped Cities articles on the topic):

10. The South Bronx, “Uptown all the way”

South Bronx-Uptown All the Way-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“5 things that make the South Bronx awesome,” from NYCGO website:

  1. Get your art served on a trolley.
  2. Stroll down New York City’s answer to the Champs-Élysées (really!).
  3. Learn the difference between bachata and boogaloo.
  4. Discover a good reason to visit the post office.
  5. Have Kurtis Blow show you around the Boogie Down.

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Atlantic Avenue, “Around the World in 16 Blocks”

Atlantic Avenue-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“How to stretch a mile into an international trip,” from the NYCGO website:

  1. Deep-fry anything.
  2. It would be a pita to miss this.
  3. Pay tribute to a Beastie Boy.
  4. Shimmy through narrow aisles at vintage haven City Foundry.
  5. See the house that Hova built

8. Washington Heights, “The High Point of the City”

Washington Heights-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“Learn the difference between chanting Latin and eating Latin,” from the NYCGO website:

  1. Go medieval on the Met.
  2. Rock out at a palace.
  3. Mamajuana: It’s the cure for basically everything, and it’s delicious.
  4. See one of the few surviving lighthouses in the City.
  5. Apparently the word for hearty in Spanish is mofongo.

7. Rockaway Beach “Life’s a Beach in Queens”

Rockaway Beach-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“Finally! A list of things to do in the City where flip-flops are required,” from NYCGO website:

  1. Tacos, duh.
  2. Take surfing lessons.
  3. Get a taste of the French Riviera.
  4. Rent one of those wacky human-powered surreys.
  5. Party like a Bolivian llama.

6. Lower Manhattan, “Where the Streets Do Have Names”

Lower Manhattan-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“5 ways to elevate your downtime,” from the NYCGO website:

  1. Have a drink on the rocks. Literally.
  2. Step into the ultimate room with a view.
  3. Take a selfie with the Charging Bull.
  4. Have dinner at George Washington’s old hangout.
  5. Go from sale to sail.

5. Bay Ridge, “The Biggest Thing on the Narrows”

Bay Ridge-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“Talk about things that will reel you in,” from NYCGO website:

  1. See what’s biting off the 69th Street Pier.
  2. Land an ollie at Owl’s Head Park.
  3. Find your zen.
  4. Take your golf clubs on the subway.
  5. Sink your teeth into a black and white cookie at Leske’s Bakery.

4. Corona, “The World’s Fairest Neighborhood”

Corona-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“Find out why it’s cooler than ice, ice, baby,” from the NYCGO website:

  1. Enjoy the refreshing side of monarchy.
  2. See where Satchmo sat on a settee.
  3. Loom over the City like a colossus at the giant Panorama.
  4. Say “hey, goat” at the Queens Zoo.
  5. Get some real Latin American food.

3. Riverdale, “Perfectly Quiet”

Riverdale-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“5 things to do when the goal is to do as little as possible,” from NYCGO website:

  1. Geek out at Magnum Comics & Cards.
  2. Take the best jog ever along the river.
  3. Lloyd’s Carrot Cake. Enough said.
  4. Have afternoon tea like Teddy Roosevelt.
  5. See how Van Cortlandt turned wheat into dough.

2. Richmond Town, “Party Like It’s 1899”

Richmond Town-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“Best ways ever to have a historic good time,” from the NYCGO website:

  1. Two words: churn butter.
  2. Visit the settlers’ version of a deli.
  3. See a tavern concert with some original hipsters.
  4. You know you want to hang out with a pony.
  5. Bust out the sepia filter for your anachronistic wedding snapshots.

1. Randall Manor, “Culture by the Boatload”

Randall Manor-See Your City-NYC & Company-Remko Heemskerk

“You just have to sea this,” from the NYCGo website:

  1. Explore land like a sailor.
  2. Check out a true galley kitchen.
  3. Clambake!
  4. Watch the tugboats go by.
  5. Take in the architecture of the old Tudor homes.