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There’s always a lot going on at The High LinePanorama, a new group exhibit about vistas and vantage points, natural and manmade, is now on display, in addition to an installation meant to crumble over time on the last section of the High Line. This particular stretch, which remained abandoned for many years, takes you right to the Hudson River and back to 10th Avenue, with every inch of this final phase keeping the integrity of the existing park.

The eleven artists participating in “Panorama” have succeeded in using their environment in a way that both compliments their work and meld their sculptures into the environment. Here is a recap of the work you’ll see along the way:

14. Adrian Villar Rojas: “The Evolution of God,”

Adrian Villar Rojas
Adrian Villar Rojas “The Evolution of God”

With the works of Adrian Villar Rojas, entitled “The Evolution of God,”you can see the Hudson Yards twenty-six acre site alongside. This exhibit consists of thirteen sculptures that are designed to crumble over time while on view, a fitting last testament to the elevated railway that will soon be surrounded by skyscrapers.

Adrian Villar Rojas
Adrian Villar Rojas  “The Evolution of God” located near 30th Street alongside Hudson Yards