Broadband Coverage Place I Live Fun Maps-NYC-Untapped CitiesOne map available from Place I Live New York depicting the broadband coverage of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and parts of Staten Island. Image via

How many times have you found yourself wondering exactly how the five boroughs and the countless New York City neighborhoods stack up in terms of marital status or preferred home-heating method? If the answer to that question is anything other than ‘never,’ you’ll find something worthwhile at, a mapping website that offers a visualization of all of New York City based on concentrations of just about every social identifier imaginable.

Cupcake Shops Fun Maps Place i live-NYC-Untapped CitiesThe all-too important distribution of New York’s cupcake shops. Image via

Average Income concentration fun maps Place I Live-NYC-Untapped CitiesAverage income distribution. Image via

With the click of a button, viewers can see New York divided up and categorized according to age, ethnicity, average income, the year of construction for most buildings, air quality, and the prevalence of crime, to name a few. The website also provides several filters that plot the locations of a few quirkier categories like subway stops, breweries, cupcake stores, grocery stores, organic grocery stores, gyms, and bike shops.

Still, the most surprising finds undoubtedly come from the ‘Sports’ section of the map, which provides interested viewers with the location of handball courts, paintball fields, ski lodges, and those ever popular cricket fields that Manhattan is so famous for.

PlaceILive Demograhpic Map-NYC-Untapped Cities-jinwoo chongOne map available from Place I Live New York depicting the Life Quality Index of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and parts of Staten Island. Image via

According to the website’s background information, all of these categories and maps are combined into a single density map that it calls a Life Quality Index: “All the categories are rated and used to estimate Life Quality Index ratings which can give you a better insight about different areas and boroughs in and around New York City. The map not only gives you a better background information of various locations, whether you are looking to rent, buy, or sell, but also helps you find interesting places to visit in New York City that you might have missed.”

The website’s overall real estate bend seems obvious now, come to think of it. And to think we just thought it was a fun little app used to procrastinate.

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