EarthCam, a leading network of live cameras broadcasting scenes from around the world, has just released a time lapse video of the entire construction of One World Trade Center, which took place from October 2004 to Memorial Day 2015. The video, which captures the construction from a number of different angles, condenses the eleven-year project into a paltry two minutes.

1 WTC has had its fair share of controversy and news, from its “vanity height” being named structural to give it the title of Tallest Building in the United States, its new Sky Pod elevators that tell the history of New York City, the political and architectural battle for its design, and the real question: “Does 1 WTC suck?

Next, see the Sky Pod Elevators to 1 WTC Show a Time Lapse of the NYC Skyline from the 1500s to Today. Get in touch with the author at @jinwoochong.

One thought on “See the Entire 11-Year Construction of One World Trade Center in Two Minutes

  1. Great Videos.
    I love these time lapses.
    Would like to see one for the entire site for the last 10 years.

    Article says it took place from April of 2006 to May of 2013?
    Opening Caption on video says “official 11 year -October 2004- May 2015.
    When was it?

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