Every nature buff living in New York will tell you of the trouble associated with packing up, getting across the river, and driving far enough from Manhattan to be able to camp out under the stars in peace. Fortunately, the journey may not be so long for families this summer, thanks to an upcoming program from Urban Park Rangers that hosts family camping nights in a handful of New York’s parks.

The programs, which offer camping spots in Manhattan’s Central Park, Queens’ Alley Pond Park, and Staten Island’s Blue Heron Park, work on a lottery basis and include specific windows for registering online. Manhattan’s family camping night takes place on Saturday, June 13th, and is currently open for registration. The Queens event takes place on Saturday, June 20th, with registration open on June 10th. The Staten Island event takes place on Saturday, June 27th, with registration open on June 17th. Each has a cap of 30 spots, one spot per family, and will proceed from 6pm to 7am.

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