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The flagship store of the largest department store company in the country is at the top of most New York tourists’ lists. Around it, Herald Square attracts a crowd second only to Times Square less than ten blocks north. Macy’s Inc., now a nationwide conglomerate of over 700 stores, began over 100 years ago as the R.H. Macy and Company Store. It has occupied its Herald Square location since 1902, a building that was named a National Historic Landmark back in 1978 and carries with a storied past. Here’s what we dug up about the largest store in America.

10. The Red Star Logo is Taken From One of R.H. Macy’s Tattoos.

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R.H. Macy and Co. was founded in 1843 by its namesake, 21 year old Roland Hussey Macy. At 15, Macy worked on a whaling ship called the Emily Morgan near Nantucket Island where he was born, and had a red star tattooed on his hand. The original Macy and Co. logo included this red star, appropriated by Macy as a symbol for success. It has remained a part of the company’s many iterations and redesigns of its logo ever since.

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  1. I will be visiting the NYC by mid November and i will try to tour those places

  2. Once the largest store in the the world, but that’s still not enough room for a men’s Big and Tall section.

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