Sketchfab 3D Rendering-Street Art NYC Shepard Fairey LISA Project

Today, we’re excited to announce a new series with the 3D platform Sketchfab, showcasing 5 new pieces of New York City street art you can explore digitally in three-dimensions. While there is no substitute for going in person to take in these ephemeral pieces, to understand the scale, and the artistry involved, these 3D embeds also provide annotations for  more information.

5. Graffiti Hall of Fame, by Tatscru

In October 2013, Tats Cru left its mark at the Graffiti Hall of Fame in Harlem, on East 106th Street between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue.

4. Can’t Hide From Yourself by Magda Love

What’s fun about this scan of Magda Love’s piece “Can’t Hide From Yourself” in Chinatown on Delancey Street and Eldridge Street is that in 3D you can see pieces of wheatpasted paper peeling off when you tilt the rendering. See for yourself!

3. Rag & Bone Wall by Alexis Diaz

This Rag & Bone store has appeared many times on Untapped Cities, for its rotating wall of street art that has featured Meres One from 5 Pointz among other artists. The latest piece of a split skull by Alexis Diaz we selected in our top 5 NYC street art pieces in May is a reflection “upon how the body and soul are intertwined.”

2. Audrey Hepburn by Tristan Eaton/L.I.S.A Project

We also previously featured the Tristan Easton portrait of Audrey Hepburn in Little Italy, part of the L.I.S.A Project. This scan captures the wicker table and chairs in front of Caffe Roma, too.

1. We Own the Future by Shepard Fairey

Last August, we went behind the scenes with artist Shepard Fairey as he made this piece at 161 Bowery, near the corner of Broome Street in Lower Manhattan. It’s also part of the L.I.S.A Project. This scan is the most fun, because of the top part of the building the mural is attached to comes off and can be rotated.