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For five days between June 24 and 28th, Hulu is bringing New Yorkers into a recreation of Seinfeld’s apartment. Though the original was supposed to have been on the Upper West Side, the set will be showcased on 451 West 14th Street. The installation “Seinfeld: The Apartment” coincides with Hulu’s exclusive acquisition of streaming video rights to Seinfeld in the United States. This isn’t the first time a television show has gotten a recreation of a central set–Central Perk from Friends created lines around the block last year and the actual set from Mad Men is on display at the Museum of the Moving Image.

According to Variety, the installation “will include multiple interactive elements…letting fans engage in key moments from the series, including George Costanza’s Valentine’s Day photo shoot and Cosmo Kramer’s famous barge-in entrance.” According to AM New York, visitors can expect to see “the couch, the kitchen, and a ‘Seinfeld’ gallery with props, scripts and rare memorabilia.”

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