Concrete and steel, casting by Montserrat Daubon - Artist Ken Shih
Created of concrete and steel by Artist Ken Shih

For the last four years, we’ve enjoyed the Art Students League’s public sculpture program, Model to Monument (M2M) in Riverside Park South, with new sculptures and new theme each summer. Now in their fifth and final year, June 11th was the unveiling of this year’s seven installations. This year’s theme – “Patterns of Nature”, with the works installed in Riverside Park South between 59th Street and 72nd Street, along the waterfront.

The program is an opportunity for students to create and produce a piece, navigating the process from the drawing board to the actual installation, as part of the League’s Professional Development Program. Being chosen for this program is a tough, competitive process, but those that are chosen gain valuable real-world experience, with their work on display in the park for an entire year.

7. Ken Shih “Can Love Pervade Space?”

Artist Ken Shih presents "Can Love Pervade Space?" Part of the Art Students League 2015 program in Riverside Park South
Artist Ken Shih presents “Can Love Pervade Space?” Part of the Art Students League 2015 program, M2M in Riverside Park South

Entering at 59th Street, we viewed a piece by artist Ken Shih entitled ‘Can Love Pervade Space?’. Made of concrete and steel, this sculpture stands 11′ x 20′ x 13′. The casting was done by sculpture artist, Montserrat Daubon, and Brewster Iron Works did the metal fabrication.