1. It Might Be One of the Largest Buildings in the City

OHNY Hudson River Architectural Tour-NYC Starrett-Lehigh Building

The building takes up an entire city block, one of only a few, like Macy’s Herald Square, to do so. The site’s geological makeup made for an interesting floor plan with a nine-floor wing on the west, an 18-floor wing on the east, and a 19-floor middle section.

In more current contexts, the building is one of the hosts of the 2015 Chelsea Music Festival, now in its 6th season, and was the site of the Festival’s opening night gala last Friday. The building’s Canoe Studios also hosted a handful of events last weekend including a survey of Finnish and Hungarian fiddlers and the 150th birthday celebration of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and Danish composer Hans Nielsen.

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The Chelsea Music Festival is an annual celebration of Finnish and Hungarian culture, music, food, and language. Its opening gala featured a selection of Finnish and Hungarian classical pieces played by world-renowned musicians. Check here for more information.

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