In an age dominated by blockbuster films, movie theaters that show anything other than the top 15 newest Hollywood films are scarce. Fortunately, there are still a few with some respect for what film used to be before the commercialism. New York City is full of movie theaters playing all the same top grossing films, but there are a handful off the beaten path if you know where to look. Here are some of the coolest, oldest, quirkiest, and most beautiful places we found in the city.

9. Nitehawk Cinema – Williamsburg and Park Slope

Photograph by Sakeenah Saleem

Nitehawk Cinema, established in 2011 in Williamsburg is halfway between a restaurant and an independent movie theater. Guests are treated to a full menu of bar food and cocktails during each feature. It is noted as the first movie theater to overturn the prohibition-era New York state law that prevented movie theaters from also selling alcohol. A new location opened up in south Park Slope (shown above).