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We all remember that scene in the 2010 film Inception where Leonardo DiCaprio invites Ellen Page inside one of his dreams and turns a city inside out, curving it on itself with his mind. It blew our minds; it was one of the most talked-about special effects stunts in the entire movie. However, the horizon-less projection the film achieves appeared a year before the film, this time designed by a London design firm called BERG. ‘Here & There‘ is a visualization of a horizon-less Manhattan, curled in upon itself and allowing a viewer to see every building and street tilting upwards.

‘Here & There’ was added to the MoMA’s permanent collection in 2009, and was sold as posters for a time when it was first created. While the posters have since run out, BERG still provides high resolution versions of its two Manhattan visualizations on its website, which details a bit of the process used for creating the two pieces. The maps themselves a combination of computer imaging and advanced software allowing the programmer to manipulate a regular electronic map of Manhattan. It states that about 10% of the map was rebuilt by hand, while the other was achieved through the manipulation of a flat map. In any case, the result is stunning. We suggest staring at it until nothing makes sense anymore.

Next, read about a Vimeo artist’s visualization of NYC’s subway system as a real-time stringed instrument. Get in touch with the author @jinwoochong.

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