9. The Georgia

The Georgia, completed in 1909, is located immediately north of The Washington Heights.  Both buildings were designed by the firm of Neville & Bagge, prolific architects who designed many apartment houses throughout Manhattan.

The Georgia and The Washington Heights form an interesting contrast considering that they come from the same firm.  The Washington Heights has a facade of subdued earth tones while The Georgia features striking red brick and extensive terra cotta with ornamentation.  The buildings use very different types of architectural details; for example larger elements framing windows on The Washington Heights and smaller ones on The Georgia.

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4 thoughts on “10 Pre-War Apartment House Gems of Washington Heights NYC

  1. Am I the only person who absolutely hates these multi-page slideshows? It’s sad that I have to now avoid one of my favorite web sites

    1. Hi Simon! Thank you for your honest feedback. Good news is that there is a view-all option, right underneath the blue bar to get to the next page. This is available on every multi-page slideshow. Hope that helps!

  2. Great photo-essay and story! When I take the #4 bus downtown, I often admire the row of buildings on Fort Washington Avenue between 159th and 162nd Streets, some with French names and all with courtyards. I don’t know if the interiors have been preserved – I imagine the original apartments must be/ have been elegant and huge.

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