Art reigns supreme in the summer. With countless outdoor installations to look forward to and many New York City art galleries preparing their summer shows for the new season, there is always something to see. That is, if you’re in Chelsea. We’re only partly kidding. While its true that much of the city’s art scene has moved south toward 22nd Street, some steadfast spaces still remain on the Lower East Side and Midtown. Here are our top 10 picks for the city’s must-see art gallery shows of the summer.

1. Old Truths & New Lies At Rachel Uffner

Rachel Uffner Gallery opened in 2008, owned by its namesake, a former director of the D’Amelio Terras Gallery in Chelsea. The shows here at its quaint location on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side take on a thoughtfully arranged disorder. The gallery’s current show, “Old Truths & New Lies,” was arranged with the purpose of being the “antithesis of a white male abstract painting show,” according to its curator, Fae Matto, but gradually took on its own form away from the reactionary. The show comprises a collection of paintings, fabrics and installation pieces. It is, in a word, eclectic, but unified by its minimalism, a rare feat for a show containing the works of nine different multi-genre artists. It will be open until July 31st.