In April 2015, New York City couple Kristin Heckler and Ashley Custer launched Uprooted, the city’s first mobile flower truck. Since then, they’ve been hand-crafting bouquets daily on curbs and in flea markets all over the city. With obvious similarities to another successful New York City enterprise, the food truck, Uprooted made the transition to mobile business pretty seamlessly.

The couple raised the compay’s statup money through a Kickstarter campaign in January. Ashley calls herself a “flower-dabbler,” as she worked on and off in the flower industry since she was 14 years old. The truck is sized no differently from her prior gigs, with a narrow walkway between the flower cooler and counter space. On the other side of the business, Kristin guides the company’s finances and social media accounts.
The bouquets are different every day and come in three simple sizes: The Studio, The Loft and The Penthouse, ranging from $12 to $40. Customers can always customize the bouquets using fresh stems from the daily picks. If patrons don’t need a vase, they can walk away with their bouquet safely tucked in a custom-made bag with handles that holds water for the walk home.
Currently, the truck sources fresh flowers from wholesalers, but in the future, consumers can expect more local flair, with flowers coming right from upstate New York. Along with the daily menu of exciting new flower arrangements, the business has begun to branch out to providing flowers for weddings and “Flower Happy Hour” events, featuring make-your-own bouquet activities.
The small business is making an effort to park in all neighborhoods of New York City, but their number one market at the moment is the Upper West Side. To see where the truck is today, visit Uprooted’s “Find the Truck” page or on Twitter, @UprootedNYC.
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