Just ten days after our own Independence Day fireworks spectacular, France is gearing up for a country-wide light show of its own. July 14th, otherwise known as Bastille Day or ‘La Fête Nationale,’  marks the anniversary of the peoples’ storming of the Bastille, a prison-fortress in Paris whose eventual surrender led to the abolition of Feudalism in France and the spark of the French Revolution. And though a French holiday, it’s no surprise that across the pond in multi-national New York, Bastille Day will be celebrated as well. Here are a few ways to feel a little French in the next few days.

1. The Bastille Day Ball, July 13th

Courtesy of the Consulate General of France and the Committee of French Speaking Societies, “New York’s only official Bastille Day Ball” kicks off at 6pm on Monday at the 404 on West 33rd Street. The ball will include a live French cabaret show, dinner, and open bar, and a raffle featuring a grand prize of two round-trip tickets to Paris. Get your tickets here.