Independence Day has come and gone, but the color scheme remains in popular fashion. You can’t forever assign meanings to color combinations, anyway—different people will have different associations with certain colors based on their personal preferences, their high school sports team colors, or their knowledge of color theory. What has an obvious connotation for one person might not even be on the mental radar of another, though some associations are harder to ignore than others. Red, white, and blue is a big one.

You can’t always plan your outfits to make sure that you won’t clash with what your friend is wearing, or accidentally end up turning yourselves into a two-person celebration of patriotism. Sometimes it just happens. I saw these two young men standing on a street corner in my neighborhood, and the first thing I noticed about them was how strikingly similar their faces and haircuts and glasses were. Was this on purpose? Were they siblings? Were they models hired by the same designer? Were they just doppelgangers thrown together into friendship by chance? Did they accidentally dress this way or did they plan to subtly but surely advertise their love for America? Also, what is the one in the blue shirt showing the red-striped one on his phone? I have so many questions.
Follow The Art of Style by Kit Mills.  For more of Kit’s work, check out their website.
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