This just in: the famous catacombs of Paris, holding the centuries-old bones of at least 6 million people since the early 19th century, aren’t all that dry.

In fact, it was found by a group of explorers, showcased in the French short film “Cité dans la Mer” (City Under the Sea), that there are not only submerged tunnels of the catacombs underneath Paris but whole subterranean swimming pools. The video, which appeared first on takes a positively claustrophobic look into these tunnels’ dark depths, relatively unknown to the public and strictly off limits.

It’s an interesting look at the most famous of the European catacombs, even if there’s no telling when, or even if, these pools will ever be open to the public. Mais Oui!, the company behind the video, is headed by Australian-born explorer Alexander J.E. Bradley, who seems to suggest these swimming pools will remain hidden forever.

For now, at least, leave your bathing suit at home.

Next, read about the 200 bodies buried under a Parisian supermarket. Get in touch with the author @jinwoochong.

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