6. The New York Times – 41 Park Row

Newspaper-Row-New-York-Tribune-New-York-World-HeraldThe skyscrapers of Newspaper Row. New York Times photo archive, Image in public domain from Wikimedia Commons.

On the first day of the riots, crowds expanded past the ruins of the provost marshal’s office building, looking for more targets to vent their frustrations. They decided to storm the office of The New York Times at 41 Park Row. In probably the most bizarre confrontation from all four days of rioting, the paper’s editor and owner, Henry Raymond, instructed his staff to head to the building’s handy gatling guns and warded the crowd off with them, manning one himself. The crowd, wisely, chose not to attack. Pace University purchased the building in 1951 and repurposed it for classrooms. The gatling guns were never recovered.