10.  Cole Porter Bequeathed His Steinway to The Waldorf Astoria

Cole Porter Steinway-Waldorf Astoria-Untapped Cities-AFineLyneCole Porter’s mahogany baby grand piano, now sitting in the Peacock Alley Lounge

The largest suite in The Towers belonged to Cole Porter, who lived there from 1934 until his death in 1964. The 4,300 square foot Suite #33A consists of 5 bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths. Porter had two baby grand pianos inside along with his two cats named “Anything” and “Goes.”

The piano he bequeathed to the Waldorf was built in 1907 and was purchased by Porter from the Steinway family. It was here in Suite #33A and on this piano that he wrote most of his music. After Porter’s death in 1964, Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara took over the lease and lived there until 1988. The piano was bequeathed to the Waldorf Astoria and is currently in the Peacock Alley Lounge, just off the main lobby.

Top of Cole Porter Piano-Waldorf Astoria-Untapped Cities-AFineLyneA close-up of the beautiful Louis XVI figures, along with lots of scratch marks from his beloved cats, on his Steinway piano.

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One thought on “Top 15 Secrets of The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC

  1. Many years ago, placards in subway cards had interesting facts regarding New York. One in particular related to The Waldorf Astoria and is never mentioned these days. According to the placard,The Waldorf Astoria masonry does not actually touch the sidewalk. The building has a space of about an inch all around the building where it “almost” meets the sidewalk and was built this way to reduce vibration from the trains running under it.

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