1. A Horse Was One of the First to Cross the George Washington Bridge

Photo via Library of Congress by Arthur Rothstein

Besides the 55,523 vehicles and 33,540 pedestrians that crossed the bridge, a man from 73rd Street named Martin Solomon crossed with his horse, named Rubio. Martin Solomon of 23 W 73rd Street in Manhattan crossed the bridge. He paid the 25 cent toll for him and his horse, Rubio. On the 50th anniversary of the George Washington Bridge in 1980, Soloman said, “The bridge holds very fond memories for me, for I was a young man then. Give me a horse and I’ll try it again.” Next, read about the Top 10 Secrets of the Lincoln Tunnel. Get in touch with the author @untappedmich. This article also written by Benjamin Waldman and Jinwoo Chong.