7. The “Bridge Man” Who Photographed George Washington Bridge From Up Top

George Washington Bridge-Upper Portal-Roadway-Dave Frieder-From Above-Photography-NYCPhoto by Dave Frieder

Before 9/11, New Jersey-native Dave Frieder was making it his mission to scale the bridges of New York City. With a working partnership with the New York City D.O.T. over the course of 8 years, he was given access to a view few of us ever see. His bridge series begins in 1993 but his work in photography goes back to the age of 7 including a stint with the Ansel Adams Gallery which he got by cold calling. It was through the Ansel Adam’s circle that he met Othmar Ammann, an engineer on the George Washington Bridge.

Dave Frieder-George Washington Bridge-Bridge Man-NYC

In 2013, we met up with Dave Frieder on the upper level of the George Washington Bridge to talk to him about his feats, which were cut short by security concerns after 9/11. He used the photography to fully understand the bridges themselves, 16 of which he has scaled and photographed in New York City. He says, “for me, being able to ‘Feel The Steel’ was a way of understanding how and why bridges work and function.”