6. The Little Red Lighthouse Wasn’t Originally Beneath the George Washington Bridge

Also called Jeffrey’s Hook Lighthouse, the Little Red Lighthouse is perhaps most well-known as the “protagonist” of The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray BridgeThis 1942 children’s book tells the true story of the George Washington Bridge’s overshadowing of the Little Red Lighthouse. But the 1880 lighthouse originally stood on the coast at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. In 1921, it was moved to Jeffrey’s Hook in northern Manhattan to aid ships in the navigation of the rocky and narrow portion of the Hudson. The George Washington Bridge was completed in 1931 and its bright lights completed overtook those of the Little Red Lighthouse. A legion of children rallied to save it from destruction, and today, the lighthouse has been restored and relit. Today, it’s run by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. You can visit and climb to the top of the tower. Check out 9 historic buildings that have been moved in NYC.