40,000 fans have already RSVP’d to the Facebook event for a two day show called Bad Dads VI, featuring the works of 75 artists inspired by the films of Wes Anderson at the Joseph Gross Gallery in Chelsea.

The show, which has appeared annually for the past five years at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, is moving to the east coast for the first time in honor of Anderson’s career that was kickstarted by his first real success, “The Royal Tenenbaums,” set in New York City.

Art movements inspired by films and television happen often, though usually centered around pop culture phenomenons, movie franchises and shows like Star Wars and Game of Thrones. The films of Wes Anderson are often thought of as a complete set because of their unique and consistent style, even though their stories, ranging from the stop-motion animated “Fantastic Mr. Fox” to the deadpan absurdism of “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou,” could not be any more different.

The exhibit, which includes works by artists like Martine Johanna, Valentin Fischer, and Ivonna Buenrostro, will include a number of portraits of Anderson’s characters over the years, and will debut at Joseph Gross on August 7th.

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