Staten Island New Stapleton Waterfront-NYCEDC-Behind the Scenes NYC Tour-Untapped Cities 2Rendering of New Stapleton Waterfront on Staten Island

On July 25th, we’ll be hosting our next tour in the Behind the Scenes NYC Tour Series with the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). Our previous visits have included special access into the Brooklyn Kings Theatre, the Brooklyn Army Terminal and the Hunts Point Produce Terminal in the Bronx, and we’re heading to another borough this month: Staten Island.
This in-depth tour will begin at the St. George Ferry Terminal, where NYCEDC’s Munro Johnson, Vice President of Development for Staten Island, will speak about the St. George Waterfront developments, then we’ll take the Staten Island Railroad two stops down to Stapleton. Among the stops in Stapleton will be the New Stapleton Waterfront development project with Ironstate Development, who will speak on the construction progress of the decommissioned U.S. Naval base, to be turned into a mixed-use development and public waterfront esplanade.

The U.S. Naval base in question, known as Homeport, was originally part of President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Homeport program in the 1980s. This military plan was a direct offensive against the Soviets as the Cold War continued, with a dispersal of bases across the United States to complicate any attack at home. It also reduced travel times for commissioned ships into likely operating areas, in case of necessary military maneuvers, and provided new home bases for the rebuilt Navy fleet after cutbacks following the Vietnam War.
The Homeport on Staten Island was originally 266 acres in size spread across two distinct locations in Stapleton and Fort Wadsworth. The New Stapleton Waterfront redevelopment plan by the NYCEDC covers the 35 acres in Stapleton specifically, with the first phase by Ironstate Development covering 7 acres. This parcel lies within walking distance of the Stapleton Staten Island Railroad station, in keeping with the goals of the development project to drive transit-oriented development and a more pedestrian-oriented, bicycle-friendly neighborhood.

Staten Island New Stapleton Waterfront-NYCEDC-Behind the Scenes NYC Tour-Untapped Cities-4Rendering of Courtyard in New Stapleton Waterfront

The plans for the New Stapleton Waterfront are derived from the community-driven Stapleton Waterfront Development Plan and will include activation of the underutilized waterfront, affordable housing as part of the Mayor’s Housing New York Plan and retail space. The City of New York, in conjunction with an Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) grant from the Department of State (DOS) will invest $130 million into public infrastructure improvements that include roadway upgrades, bicycle lanes, a continuous waterfront esplanade, and the creation of a tidal wetlands cove.

New Stapleton Waterfront-The Cove-Rendering-NYCEDCRendering of Tidal Wetlands for New Stapleton Waterfront

There will also be a new public boat launch site to allow non-motorized vehicles access across the river, as well as to permit the docking of historic vessels. The public upgrades have already begun construction and have an anticipated completion date of 2016, while a second phase will begin the design process this year.
Homeport Plan-Stapleton-New Staple Waterfront-Staten Island-NYC-NYCEDC

Phase plan for New Stapleton Waterfront Development

On our Behind the Scenes NYC Tour of the Staten Island Developments, we will visit the New Stapleton Development with Ironstate Development, as well as make stops at SI Makerspace, an arts, technology and business incubator for NYCEDC, the Stapleton Town Center (with a representative from the Neighborhood Association) and Techbox, a co-working space for startups, entrepreneurs and artists. The tour will begin at the St. George Ferry Terminal whereNYCEDC’s Munro Johnson, Vice President of Development for Staten Island, will speak about the St. George Waterfront developments and will conclude at Flagship Brewery, which will open early especially for our group (food/drink not included in tour).
Tickets are going quickly and space is limited!