This question pops up around the Untapped Cities office pretty often. What’s the latest tallest building in New York City? With so many supertall buildings going up, particularly on the residential end, it can be hard to keep track. This will be our official tally (updated as new buildings come into play, or get chopped down by the powers that be) of the tallest buildings in New York City:

11. 53 W. 53rd Street MoMA Tower (1,050 feet)

Jean Nouvel’s tower for MoMA has been so long coming, New Yorkers have almost forgot it was once the poster child in the city’s real estate development battle. Famously truncated by Amanda Burden, Mayor Bloomberg’s director of New York City Department of City Planning, the building at 53 W 53rd Street will now reach 1,050 feet and has been ready for sales (quietly to appropriate buyers) as of spring 2015 even though the building is not built yet. For renderings of the interior, check out Curbed’s reporting on the residential skyscraper.