34. In Search of the Truth, The Truth Booth in Brooklyn

the truthis brooklyn-NYC-Untapped Cities.3Image via Jinwoo Chong for Untapped Cities

Arriving in Brooklyn on August 4th, The Truth Booth is a twenty-five foot tall, four-hundred pound art installation in the shape of a thought bubble. When you enter the booth, you will be invited to record for two minutes on how you would end the statement “The truth is…..” What you say will not only be recorded, but will also become part of a public video response, that in turn will be edited into a video artwork.
The Truth Booth began as a public installation in Ireland in 2011, and has traveled the Globe since then, including such places as Art Basel Miami and Burning Man. Artists Ryan Alexiev, Jim Ricks and Hank Willis Thomas (Cause Collective) hope to use this installation as a way to show innovative cross-cultural communication. This installation, presented by The Public Art Fund and Barclays Center developer Forest City Ratner, will also include three new pieces by artist Hank Willis Thomas. One will feature speech bubble-shaped signs hung at Metro Tech Commons and benches shaped like hallow speech bubbles, with open space in the center for seating. You will also find a tree sculpture with speech bubble leaves hanging from branches.
The Truth Booth has already recorded nearly 5,000 visitors’ responses. You will find this installation at Metro Tech Commons, with pop-up appearances at two other Downtown Brooklyn locations as the year progresses. Brooklyn will have the installation throught June of 2016 and you can follow The Truth Booth on Facebook.