15. Socrates Sculpture Park Has Five Exhibits Through August 30

The Living Pyramid-Agnes Denes-Socrates Sculpture Park-Queens-NYC

Five artists have been exhibiting at Socrates Sculpture Park this summer. Agnes Denes “The Living Pyramid” has brought the thousands of seeds she planted in May to life. In “Torqueing Spheres”, the 2015 Folly Program winner, IK Studio transforms a series of intertwining, sculpted forms. Vera Lutter, previously seen in a recent solo exhibit at Gagosian Gallery created a billboard image that spans the width of the main entrance of the park. Named “Broadway Billboard”, the work is 11′ x 28′ and can be seen nearly a mile away. “Suspect Terrain” by Heide Fashacht details the creation and aftermath of a sinkhole, with her installation rising fifty-feet above ground and Gabriela Albergaria magnifies nature in her installation “Two Trees in Balance” with the dozens of branches and tree stumps collected and suspended diagonally from a steel cable. All five installations will be on view until August 30th.