33. Pier 42 Attracts Three Art Installations This Summer

Pier 42 has three new art installations by three different art groups, on view through October. Combo Colab, Drumreef Watercycle is an installation that displays their interest in repurposing and recycling existing resources. Made from multiple re-purposed rain barrels, the installation provides shade and seating. They also incorporate water features, including rain water collection and pedal-powered water pump for cooling and irrigation. The Leroy Street Studio installation, Water’s Edge Canopy, incorporates shade and seating as a community outdoor gathering space to be used for classes and workshops. Chat Travieso, a teaching artist at Hester Street Collaborative, along with University Neighborhood High School students, built a shaded seating area out of used wooden wine crates. The boxes can function as stepped seating, climbing areas, tables or wherever your imagine can take them. All three installations will be on view through October 25, 2015.