30. The Dance in Staten Island’s Tappen Park

Historic Tappen Park-Staten Island-DB Lampman-The Dance Sculpture-SI Makerspace-002

DB Lampman, known for her large-scale sculptural installations, and heavily influenced by her years as a professional ballet dancer, has created “The Dance” in the borough where she lives – Staten Island. The Dance consists of five figures floating fifteen feet above the ground. Named after the Henri Matisse painting by the same name, they are crafted from fabric-covered steel made in the OS Staten Island Makerspace.
The piece originated as a creative effort to band her community together after all the loss Staten Island incurred during Hurricane Sandy. Thus, the piece symbolizes the banding together of figures that by night, are illuminated with colored LED lights. Installed in September of last year, The Dance is located in Tappen Park, Canal Street and Wright Street, and will remain on display through September 14, 2015.