union square signage-NYC-Untapped Cities“He’s a Runner” by Laura Nyro of the Bronx. Images via Miriam Mamber for Untapped Cities

Earlier this week, we found some unusual signs up in Union Square, seemingly there without much of a purpose except to confuse passersby. Mind, we have a bit of a thing for guerrilla signage at HQ, but these signs, which are bolted to the light posts in the same way as regular New York City signs, had us stumped. However, leave it to Untapped Cities contributor Rachel Fawn Alban who confirmed that these signs are by Icy Signs (aka Steve ESPO Powers) for Summer Streets, which begins this Saturday.

union square signage-NYC-Untapped Cities3“You Found Me”

union square signage-NYC-Untapped Cities2


Next, read about the many faces of Union Square Park. Get in touch with the author @jinwoochong.

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