Above the Line mural High Line Untapped Cities AFineLyne

On the rotating art mural along the High Line, a new work by artist Kerry James Marshall imagines New York City’s water towers as luxury condos and apartments. This isn’t a future that is too far off, with a speakeasy once built into a water tower and a steel tank converted into a rooftop cottage already in the city.

Kerry James Marshall 2015 High Line Art Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Marshall’s piece however, is an extension of his Dailies series, a cartoon strip that, according to High Line Art, explores the “narrative of the struggle between tradition and modernity within the Afro-diasporic worldview. The works address the lack of black superheroes found in American comics, and raise historical and philosophical questions in black vernacular English.”

Kerry James Marshall The High Line Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Above the Line by Kerry James Marshall 2015 Untapped Cities AFineLyne

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